Time Bender (ENG)

The night John Lennon is murdered a mysterious man shows up and tells us our planet is the most precious jewel of the Cosmos. Our forefathers called it the Living Library and many wars have been fought over her. As time is short and the stakes are high a pact of friends is forged to save the Living Library from the grips of darkness. Time Bender is a fast-paced page-turner, revealing our hidden past and possible future. Will we wake up in time to reclaim our sovereignty, recognize ourselves and become Time Benders?

Time Bender says: ‘Earth is the third grand experiment to seed a planet in order to resolve the polarities. That’s why all the universe is watching. Hopefully this will be the final experiment. You are working out a cosmic theme that started eons ago. You are attempting to heal ancient conflicts by bringing these issues up in contemporary times. If you can understand that, and learn from earlier mistakes, the Game of Life will evolve to a higher level. If you are able to solve the puzzle, you will help your forefathers move on and integrate their beings into the whole again. You are the ones who can make this happen. You are the ones we have been waiting for.’