Welcome! Let me help you clear your mind, open your heart and experience abundance and flow in everything you do through meditation and inspiration. You only need to remind yourself of who you are: 
a completely enlightened being. 

Tijn Touber

Upcoming Events

28 May 28 May TIME BENDER: DE LESSEN EN INZICHTEN Online (Zoom) Info & registration
31 May 31 May KIDSVERLICHTING Facebook Info & registration
31 May 31 May LIVE STADSVERLICHTING Facebook Live Info & registration
11 June 11 Jun DE REIS VAN DE HELD Online (Zoom) Info & registration
18 June 18 Jun VAN 5G NAAR 5D Online (Zoom) Info & registration
25 June 25 Jun HET COMPASSIEVOLLE HART Online (Zoom) Info & registration
1 July 1 Jul TIME BENDER EXPERIENCE Haarlem & Online Info & registration



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