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An Inner Adventure

Experience how spirituality can be so simple and yet so incredibly uplifting and revitalizing. A wonderful journey of contemplation, resolution and lightness. Everything you’ve been looking for is right here!

We are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. Tijn Touber shows us how to bring these different levels back into a well tuned unity. Get into your body, step out of your mind, open your heart and get in touch with your inner source. 

You do not need years of training, a guru or a rigorous discipline. All you need to do is remember your original self which is still completely intact and waiting for you to wake up to this magic. 

Learn how to completely relax your body and step into the silent eye of the storm to observe your thoughts and ingrained mental programs. Learn how to resolve past trauma, issues and stuck emotional patterns in just 90 seconds. Get in touch with your true nature of love, peace, happiness and freedom. Get your life back on track and in flow. Experience inspiration and lightness in everything you do. Make your life into a constant celebration of creativity of spirit.

30 impressive videos await you

15 minutes per day

Experience life-changing insights and inspiring stories

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This online seminar also includes a recorded live session with Tijn and 2 bonus meditations. The 30 videos and the recorded live session will remain available to you in the closed member area for an unlimited period of time, even after the course.

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about tijn touber


Tijn Touber is a writer, musician, journalist, inspirer and researcher. He is the founder of the successful band Lois Lane. Among other things, Tijn wrote the theme song for the film Amsterdamned. After this musical adventure, he focussed on consciousness development and gave training courses to the Amsterdam police, the army, prison inmates, visitors to major music festivals, judges, doctors and nurses in the three largest hospitals in Holland, among others. Tijn has written seven books about his inner adventures. His best-known works are Crash-Course Enlightenment and Time Bender. He is the initiator of the meditation network Cities of Light. He organizes silent retreats, sound healings, Time Bender events, meditation courses and online events.