Time Bender has been around since the very beginning of time and saw the Earth and our star system come into existence. When I met him for the first time he told me that Earth used to be called the Jewel of the Cosmos and the Living Library, because it was so stunningly beautiful and carried DNA from just about every star race in the Galaxy.  And that we - the human beings - were the most incredible and amazing creatures of all, called the Royal Species by the star races who loved us but also envied us for the exceptional amount of life codes we carry inside of us. 

For many, many eons of time we lived in harmony with ourselves, each other and the planet until something unfortunate happened: we lost our way. Time Bender looked very sad when he told me that we  slowly forgot our original nature of love, peace and happiness, making us vulnerable to the influence of beings who were less benevolent. These beings from far away star systems moved in and invaded our planet. They began to pull us down into the realms of ego and power struggles and all Time Bender could do, was look from a distance as we got caught up in war and eventually lost everything. Our continent sank under the ocean waves, a huge flood spread over the Earth and we had to start all over again. The story of how fell from grace and we lost our our civilization still exists and is told in ancient scriptures and holy books: the fall from Paradise, the sinking of Atlantis. 

It took humanity a long, long time to recover from this blow. But now, after so many thousands of years of climbing up the ladder of evolution, Time Bender has returned once again to help us get back into shape, and remember our original greatness. He also comes with a warning for we are once again in a phase of our development that is similar to the time period just before Atlantis fell. The question is: what are we going to do now? Will we fall back again into ego struggles and use our technology to war with each other? Or will we evolve to a higher level of existence in the Game of Life? It is up to us, but Time Bender is here to help. He has explained the underlying principles of the Game of Life and gives us the tools we now need to overcome the dark shadows that have been clouding our existence. 

It’s time to wake up, to get off our knees, roll up our sleeves and free ourselves from forgetfulness and oppression. Time Bender can help us in many ways, but ultimately it is up to us. We are the ones who have to free ourselves and this is only possible if we recognize ourselves as the great beings we once were. By remembering our greatness we once again activate te original codes of life and activate our full potential. Time Bender is a fast-paced page-turner, revealing our hidden past and possible future full of spiritual lessons and revelations that affect life on every level.

‘Earth is the third grand experiment to seed a planet in order to resolve the polarities. That’s why all the universe is watching. Hopefully this will be the final experiment. You are working out a cosmic theme that started eons ago. You are attempting to heal ancient conflicts by bringing these issues up in contemporary times. If you can understand that, and learn from earlier mistakes, the Game of Life will evolve to a higher level. If you are able to solve the puzzle, you will help your forefathers move on and integrate their beings into the whole again. You are the ones who can make this happen. You are the ones we have been waiting for.’ ~ Time Bender 

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Time Bender is the story of our time. It speaks to the minds and hearts of people who are waking up, who are curious, passionate, searching, discovering and fed up with the old paradigm. I read the book in one breath. I couldn’t put it down. Tijn’s language is so simple and full of humor that one almost forgets that the information he shares is absolutely mind blowing. 


Time Bender resonates so much with me! It is as though my mind has received an upgrade, a new and expanded vision. It’s much more than a book. It’s an experience. Time Bender has given me hope, it has restored my faith in humanity and the future of Earth. It feels as though the words come straight from source. It feels like coming home. Thank you with all my heart for your courage to share this wisdom.


Thank you for this precious book. I can’t read any more books that don’t feel like they reflect truth. I’ve been waiting for this book. It describes in a understandable and captivating way where we come from.  


There are no words to describe my feeling of bliss. My heart is jubilant. Finally: answers!  


Carefully researched information, journalistic credibility. Captivating like a Dan Brown thriller. It reminds me of the Celestine Prophecy. A true hit! Can’t wait for the sequel. 


My eyes are red from the concentration of reading this book. I just can’t put it down. It is written in such a beautiful way, with so many new discoveries that my head is spinning. The possibilities Tijn describes put everything I know in a new light giving me a new vigor and courage. 


No-one can bring this kind of information that I find so hard to share with others together in one book. I thank you with all of my heart for writing Time Bender.


Thrilling, surprising, refreshing. I want more!


I read your book with my mouth wide open. This really is next-level. 


I read Time Bender in one go and am thrilled at the richness of information about the history of our Earth and beyond. It takes courage to share this information. 


This book is priceless. 


Thank you for making this available for everybody Tijn, and for expanding the consciousness of so many.


Wow! This book took me on a roller coaster ride. So many revelations!


I read the book in one day. Thank you so much for this information! 


What an incredibly inspiring story. My head was constantly nodding: yes, yes. Thank you for sharing this Tijn! 


What an amazing book with such profound information that I really need right now. 


Finally a book that brings all the esoteric literature that I’ve been studying all my life together in one coherent story. I’m so glad with this!


I want to thank you for your courage for sharing this information. Very clear and easy to read. Thanks for your dedication.


I’ve finished the book! Wow! I’m just so happy! Fantastic!!!


Breathtakingly beautiful. A magical book that everybody should have. It gives a completely different perspective on life and also shows us the direction we should be heading.