Meditation is about experiencing your natural state of mind. It's about remembering who you truly are, about coming home. When you remember who you are and learn to resonate with your essence, thoughts an emotions will align themselves to your true self. Once you’ve mastered this inner technique you will come alive in your body, experience clarity of mind, unconditional love, a meaningful connection to the whole and inspiration and flow in everything you do. 

Tijn has been teaching these techniques for over thirty years to different groups, like the Amsterdam Police Force, drug delinquents in the State Prison, doctors, business people, children and in the Military.


If you like to invite Tijn into your living room for a meditation session, invite at least twenty friends. He will share the basic techniques of meditation and you will receive an MP3 with guided meditations so that it becomes easy to practice. The exchange is 25 euro per person and for you it is free of charge. 

Write Tijn an email to set a date: