This experience concert takes you through the seven evolutionary steps of life. Each level is ignited in this healing concert taking you back to your original state of wholeness. Whilst listening to music, songs and meditations you experience coming alive in your body, embracing your emotions, observing your mind, opening your heart, receiving inspiration, accessing your original blueprint and living from your highest potential.

There are seven days in a week, seven colors in a rainbow and seven whole notes in an octave. Christians believe God created the world in seven days, Hindus speak of seven heavens, Muslims circle the Kaaba stone seven times and when the Buddha was born he took seven steps. Seven is a special number, because it represents the essential frequencies of which existence is made. All of life travels through these frequencies in order to reach its maximum potential. Experience these levels of initiation through this sound healing concert.

Tijn: guitar, piano, vocals, meditations
Binkie: vocals, sounds, meditations
Peter Sambros: bass, piano, vocals

See a preview of the concert: