Tijn Touber (Amsterdam, 1960) is a musician, journalist, writer and meditation teacher. Hij founded the popular music group Lois Lane which became a hit in the eighties in the Netherlands. Tijn, who wrote most of the songs, sold over 100.000 records. After this adventure into the sex, drugs and rock ’n roll side of life, Tijn dived head first into silence and meditation. Hjavascript:void(null);e quit touring with his band and studied spirituality for 14 years, traveling to India 17 times for extensive meditation practice. He has taught meditation techniques and life skills to a wide variety of professionals, amongst which the Amsterdam Police Force, The Dutch Military, doctors and nurses of the three largest Dutch Academic Hospitals, business people and many others. 

He has written six books on the art of enlightenment, some of which became bestsellers, and has become well known in Holland. His latest book Time Bender is available in english and is about the hidden history of mankind and the challenges we now face. 

Tijn has written articles and columns in magazines like Happinez and Ode. He is the founder of a large international meditation network called Cities of Light and of Schoolverlichting, bringing silence and meditation to schools. He combines music and meditation in his Seven Steps Meditation Concerts. Tijn organizes silent retreats on a regular basis, some of which together with his partner Binkie. 

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