In search of a peaceful mind, open heart, balanced emotions and inspiration and flow in everything you do? The Art of Meditation offers all this and more. Tijn is an expert in making seemingly difficult meditation techniques easy and practical. He created a simple method that makes it possible to meditate under all circumstances with eyes open. Tijn initiated a large meditation network called Cities of Light with over 1000 living rooms participating to raise the global frequency. To join the weekly live stream meditations on Sunday evenings please visit the Facebook page or website of Cities of Light or tune in through YouTube.
In just a few hours Tijn can teach you the essential insights, practices and steps to calm your mind and to be able to remain close to yourself in every circumstance. He does this with a lot of humor and lightness and gives lots of examples of everyday situations, thereby making meditation easy and practical: essential life skills. You can invite Tijn to come and teach The Art of Meditation during a two hours event. 


Experience the power of meditation at one of the Art of Meditation events:

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Guided Meditations

4 STEP MEDITATION (10 minutes)

This meditation takes you through the 4 basic steps of meditation: getting into your body; observing your thoughts; integrating your emotions; receiving inspiration and sustenance.

7 STEP MEDITATION (15 minutes)

This meditation is based on the 7 universal initiations which correspond to the 7 layers of existence: body, emotion, mind, heart, soul, oversoul, spirit. These frequencies also correlate with the basic elements: earth, water, air, fire, ether, light, source and the 7 energy portals known as chakras. This meditation is a tuning device to become aligned, coherent and in sync with life. You can do this meditation from the base chakra upwards (first meditation below), or from the crown chakra downwards (second meditation below). 

MIND TRAINING (20, 15, 10, 5 minutes)

This meditation teaches you to focus your mind on essential aspects of your original self. When you hear ‘I am peace, peace is my original nature’ you instantly focus completely on this quality. Then another quality is mentioned and again you focus all your attention on that. I recommend starting with the long version (20 minutes) because this gives you ample time to discover the quality and slowly become the embodiment of it. When you feel you are getting pretty good at it, try the 15 minute version and work your way up to getting into the groove faster and faster. These meditations are also great to use during the day when commuting, waiting, walking, etc.


This meditation is useful to resolve emotional pain or trauma. Imagine breathing through your heart. With every breath your heart expands a little more, until you feel you have become one big loving heart. Now think of someone who has hurt you or a situation that is troubling you. Then repeat these sentences:

I forgive you, I forgive myself.
You are innocent, I am innocent. 
I free you from my judgement, I free myself from my judgement.
I love you, I love myself.
Thank you.