Tijn Touber is a musician, meditation teacher and best selling author from Amsterdam. His popband Lois Lane was very successful. Tijn’s current music is inspired by meditation and silence. He created an international meditation network called Cities of Light and wrote seven books on meditation and the art of enlightenment. Over the years Tijn has trained many different groups, amongst which police forces, drug addicts, prisoners, military personnel, doctors, nurses, business people, school kids and visitors of music festivals. He lives in Amsterdam with his partner Binkie with whom he combines music and silence in their events and retreats. 


Binkie Touber is a musician and yoga teacher. She combines live music, yoga and silence in events and retreats. Her music is inspired by shamanic influences and sound healing. A life changing event gave her the biggest gift of life: to live from the heart. She stopped working at a big company, made a long journey through South America and , became surrogate mother of  her beautiful son Boris. She lives in Amsterdam together with Tijn and their little friend Chico. 


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